In contrast with the brahmin’s self-serving mythologies of the past, the Buddha presents an account of evolution that shows how human choices are an integral. 6 Mar The Agganna Sutta presents a Buddhist creation fable with a moral about castes. Here is a condensed version of the tale. DISCOURSE ON WHAT IS PRIMARY (AGGAÑÑA-SUTTA) explicitly on themes from the life and ideals of the Monastic Order, and on language from the.

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Here I like to stop and think: Later, after some long period, sex organs were formed on their body. Ustta Pasenadi of Kosala knows: Buddha has proved to the world that women who are ordained like men to the Sangha order could attain the arahatship — liberation in this very life. Sign in to annotate.

So too will a Brahmin, [97] a Vessa or a Sudda. At this they came together and lamented, crying: Their crown of agganja wilt. In the second part of the Sutta, the Buddha tells the story of how human beings came to dwell on Earth. To this remark, the Buddha tells them that the Brahmins have indeed forgotten about their past if they agganns such things.

It was endowed with colour, smell and taste.

Aggañña Sutta – Wikipedia

As usual in the evening, the Buddha aggannq from his meditation and strolls in the open yard near his dwelling. But, towards the Buddha, who came from the Sakyan people, King Pasenadi reveres, praises, and serves the Buddha with utmost respect. Let all five hundred sakyan princesses do the same. This verse was rightly sung, not wrongly, rightly spoken, not wrongly, connected with profit, not unconnected.

Views Read Edit View history. Views Read View source View history. Knowing that mankind began with asexual, there was no sex differentiation — no men and no women.

At a time of expansion, the beings from the Abhassara Brahma world, having died from there, are mostly reborn in this world.


They both approach the Buddha and after some formal proprieties, the Buddha asks the two if they received insults and denigration when they left their caste and layman’s life in order to join the order.

Agganna Sutta: The Beginning of Humankind

And as they did so, their bodies became even coarser, and the difference in their looks increased still more Retrieved from ” https: The Buddha said that sooner or later, after a very long time, there would come a time when the world shrinks. As they ate and ate, their luminous body began to be coated by the mud substance, surta a coarser body, then suddenly, the sun and moon were seen, so were the stars, and also Night and Day began on Earth.

As the changes of their bodies varied between each other, the concept of difference arose. The appointed person thus agreed and the people bestowed upon him the title: DA says compiling the Vedas and teaching them.

Their radiance becomes diminished. Then, the sun and moon started to appear in the firmament to start day and night time on earth. Then, after the turnips, the earth was grown with rice plants. When the earth cooled down, the Abhassara Brahmas came down to earth and started the humankind. Abganna sutta describes a discourse imparted by the Buddha to two brahminsBharadvaja and Vasettha, who left their family and caste to become monks.

These are the origin of the fifth caste aggqnna from all the four castes’ people who left their lay life and became an ascetic. They will even get into trouble from their own deeds, whatever their caste Brahmin, Khattiya, Vessa, and Sudda might be.

Yet, still today, there are some in Theravada Bhikkhu and householders who say:.

Note that all the various forms of food mentioned are vegetarian. That was how our ancestor started; the beginning known as world contraction, the human ancestry started sutfa the living beings born from the Abhassara Brahmas. They began to take two, four, eight, and sixteen days’ of rice reserves as they were too lazy to take rice everyday. It looked just like the skin that forms itself over hot milk as it cools.


With the smoking fire gone out, with pestle cast aside, gathering alms for their evening and morning meals, they went away to zgganna village, town or royal city to seek their food, and then they returned to their leaf-huts to meditate. In the human worldour life span is so short less than yearsthe law of impermanenceold age and deathis an every occurrence, it is true that the best condition to practice the Dhamma — to realize the law of AniccaDukkhaAnatta is much easier in human world.

Not long afterwards, the creatures began to eat greedily, and due to the huge amount of the mud substance they could feed on it for a very long time.

These devas are constantly enjoying great sensual pleasures which are the fruits of their good kamma. And in this way, Vasettha, taking what was not given, sutra censuring, and lying, and punishment, took their origin.

The Buddha then xgganna that if any of the caste does the following deeds: By this time, the body of the creatures had become finely evolved. Buddha also emphasized that the social structure is formed voluntarily, based on righteousness and necessity, not based on Divine command as some theories stated.

The first rice plants were without husk and kernels. And, just as the Sakyans offer the King humble service They no longer hear aganna music. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Sudda caste came from the word ‘Sudda’ which means: Even the monarch thinks like this: This earth has gone through the destruction by firerain and wind and to sytta from the destruction, people started to practice Samantha Bhavana to get to Abhassara Brahmas world.