Nominal Diameter, Major Diameter Inch, Major Diameter mm, Tapping Drill Size mm, TPI, Pitch mm. 10 – 28 UNS, , , , 28, 10 – 36 UNS. ASME B1, was adopted on 20 August and is approved for use by the Federal agencies, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). A N A M E R I C A N N A T I O N A L S TA N D A R D Unified Inch Screw Threads ( UN and UNR Thread Form) ASME B [Revision of ASME B

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Revision to some values in Table 2: The standard has asme b1.1-2003 revised six times, and still people insist on using the version of the standard! Internal thread minimum minor diameter [D 1min ]. The print requires the N-series and he does not dare deviate from the drawing.

Because of this, most gage makers are not moving to change to the new pitch diameters. Pitch diameter tolerance of internal thread. The seemingly random number changes hit many of the listed standard screw thread sizes.

It informs all asme b1.1-2003 make 60 degree inch screw threads that all previous versions of the standard have been replaced. The intention is to provide asme b1.1-2003 information; regardless; errors may exist in the supplied information.

UNS Thread ASME B1.1-2003

The UN thread is intended for general purpose fastening asme b1.1-2003. Major diameter tolerance of external thread. UNC give possibility for quick assembly. Nominal Size in Inches and Threads per Inch.


The first sentence in the Foreward is their strongest move to eliminate the N-series screw threads once and for all. The authors of the standard are doing their part to eliminate the N-series screw threads. When the drawing indicates the N-series screw thread, it asme b1.1-2003 known that the thread is specified asme b1.1-2003 B1. The pitch diameters are the most visible of the numbers that changed. This thread form is used in materials with low tensile strength which makes threads more resistance against stripping internal threads.

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Thread basic minor diameter [d 1D 1 ]. External thread UNR reference minor diameter [d 3 ]. Internal thread n1.1-2003 pitch diameter [D 2max asme b1.1-2003. I explain to the requestor: Most commonly used class is 2 and this class is designed for general use. Unless otherwise specified, size limits for standard external thread Class 2A apply prior to coating. This is a smart move to encourage standardization. The user shall use class 2A for bolts and 2B for nuts unless there is a specific requirement to asme b1.1-2003 other tolerance classes.

Tolerance Class for Internal Thread. There are several asme b1.1-2003 changes in the standard, as would be expected.


Calculations can asme b1.1-2003 done by selecting a desired thread size from a list of thread sizes which are in asme b1.1-2003 diameter range from 0. For more information on Asmw screw threads including thread form, thread series, diameter-pitch combinations, standard series and combinations, thread designation, basic dimensions and formulas, please refer to pages – of Machinery’s Handbook, 30th.

Use this tolerance class for commercial internal nut threads. So what changed in the B1. Begin an education process aimed at third-party government inspectors to train them to understand and work to the now current version of B1. Only in Class 2A threads is the allowance available to accommodate coatings.

To get the complete details, buy a copy and asme b1.1-2003 the Foreward.


Pitch diameter tolerance of external asme b1.1-2003. After all that explaining the requestor replies that: UN Screw Thread Calculator: Live Chat Powered by asme b1.1-2003. The N-series is fully mechanically interchangeable with the UN-series.

Types of gages including thread plug gages, snap gages, thread ring gages and plain diameter gages for asje and external threads are covered in same standard.