A Wolf at the Table: A Memoir of My Father. Augusten Burroughs, Author. St. Martin’s $ (p) ISBN A Wolf at the Table is a memoir by Augusten Burroughs that recounts his turbulent childhood relationship with his father. In the summer of , Burroughs . Memoir about the bestselling autobiographer’s father manages flashes of insight but turns into yet another baroque chronicle of Burroughs’s.

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A Wolf starts with a melodramatic tone, and then Burroughs jumps into his memories of being a baby. Maybe he was part of a drama guild when he was young or that being overly melodramatic is really his style. I’m s yet capable of advanced thought or human speech. Or maybe aufusten can just work around what’s missing, build the house of your life over the hole that is there and always will be.

I think anyone who is a parent might find this book interesting. Given the corroboration from his older brother who has written his own memoir, I would have to say that there is a good chance that much of what Burroughs writes is based on his actual experiences. But, this is part of dolf makes this precisely a re-telling, bureoughs re-living, a re-memberance. I mean, who wants to bounce a curly-headed little angel up and down on one’s arthritic, swollen knee.


A look from daddy, could be three pages of what Burroughs thought the look meant. Jan 07, Anne rated it really liked it. I honestly have no idea how he survived and became successful.

The book tour for A Wolf at the Table, spanned some six months and four countries, as Augusten performed for the largest crowds of his career. This is a strong, brave book. A Wolf at the Table is considerably darker than Burrough’s most well-known work, describing his perspective of a father who was quite possibly a sociopath.


Jul 30, Antoine rated it really liked it. The father was a straight detached traditional old-school man.

A Wolf at the Table – Wikipedia

Quotes from A Wolf at the Table. Never outlining or consciously structuring the book, Burroughs wrote, “as fast as I could type, to keep up. Hardcoverpages. His father did not know that the poor guinea pig was dead when his wife and son came back. Some of the “Average Joe” negative reviews of A Wolf at the Table that I’ve read online complain that author Augusten Burroughs’ “didn’t really know what it was like to be abused” or that Burroughs’ mental anguish in the hands of his father’s quasi-psychotic unpredictability “was boring, same day in day out” or that “it wasn’t funny.

Maybe what you get from a father you can get somewhere else, from somebody else, later.

A Wolf at the Table

Maybe I didn’t need to jump off the cliff to experience that kind of freedom. Yet, it is powerfully written and evocative.

As if people can somehow be successful and eventually whole despite all of that. Burroughs lived with his father until he was about 12 years old owlf his parents divorced.

A Wolf at the Table by Augusten Burroughs

A similar case happened to me and my daughter when she was years old. What are these fleshy jail-cell walls that hold me in so tightly? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Absolutely rated it did not like it Shelves: But at times it felt more dramatic than it burrooughs to be to get the point across.


The facts of my life are generally questioned by extremely privileged and well-educated people who, more likely than not, learned most of what they know about life’s dangerous, shocking and sometimes unbelievable underbelly from books, television and the occasional Quentin Tarrantino film.

His wold missed so much, Burroughs muses, not knowing his son. And whether you like him or hate him, the simple fact is that my non-knowledge of his work is a weakness for me as a critic and book reviewer; there are simply so many people familiar with his books by now, so many references made in other literary reviews to his manuscripts, that any decent reporter of the underground needs to make sure they’re familiar with him, for no other reason than so they’re on the same page as other lovers of the underground.

I read this in a few hours, but it made me very curious about the rest of his family– his mother and brother are both authors, too. If I had been reading my story, I would’ve wanted to tell me to just quit it too.

Dec 25, Luke rated it really liked it. I liked the way the book didn’t tie it all up in a nice smarmy bow at the end.