(Banewreaker! He wreaks banes!) But the novel itself, Jacqueline Carey’s fourth and the first volume in a diptych titled The Sundering, is an often powerful piece. 28 Aug BANEWREAKER (Tor, ) and GODSLAYER (Tor, ) by Jacqueline Carey. Someone once said that the villain is the hero of the other. When the unknown is made known, when the lost weapon is found, when the marrow-fire is quenched and Godslayer is freed, when a daughter of Elterrion.

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Banewreaker Sample Chapter

I was able to follow the story as long as I did not try to visualize anything beyond dragons, trees, weres, elves, baneweraker, and rivers. I really enjoyed that it is written from the point of view of the villain, so to speak. I read Banewreaker and Banewreakerr together and thoroughly enjoyed them. She attended Lake Forest College, receiving B. Of course this story is the quintissential lord of the rings group adventure story, but the perspective is from the dark side.

I short, it’s a typical ‘Epic Fantasy’ but told from the perspective of banewreaekr ‘bad guys’. This book and its companion, Godslayerare the absolute greyest books I’ve ever read, by which I mean that the characters do not fall into such simple categories as merely “good” an The date above applies to my most recent reading.

Banewreaker Description – jacquelinecarey

Banewreaker is set in Urulat, a world based on J. But the ones who do get some powerful scenes as a reward. Cheetos, because every page gets cheesy epic prose all over your fingers, but really the crunchy characters are a familiar in their deliciousness.

It’s like reading this genre for the first time again. I have to admit that this book did not capture me right away, and it was only through forcing myself to continue reading that I got to the meaty goodness of the story. Here is the crux of why Banewreaker isn’t stale: However, it simply doesn’t have the quality of Jacqueline Carey’s other works. I can’t wait to finish Godslayer, book two in The Sundering, which is why I immediately picked it up.


Actually, I thought it was quite different and very compelling I just fini Classic fantasy and rather derivative, but very strong characters. Lists with This Book. It is not a true case of Villain Protagoniststhough, because the story makes clear that the “evil” characters are really not evil at all, merely misunderstood. Carey, author of the Kushiel series, takes on mythology.

I could barely start it. Ushahin the Dreamspinner gnaws on his anger at human and the Ellylon see Elves and backs himself into self-pity corner. What do you see, thence? Amazing characters and storyline.

It’s bnewreaker hard not seeing the struggle from both perspectives and thinking, well I don’t know who to root for. Like in her previous books themes of passion and sexuality play an important part in the A high fantasy novel but an epic tragedy rather than a heroic epic. But that’s par for the course with JC. Satoris used Godslayer to mark Tanaros, making him immortal.

How long baewreaker they been at that task? At some points I cried for the losses. It’s a hard question, I will admit, but looking for the answer makes for an excellent book.

Jan 20, Obaid Haroon rated it really liked it. Each side claiming they have the truth.


The book is a loose parallel to Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, as told from the side of, well, evil. Tanaros climbed it step by step, feeling his heartbeat increasing as he labored. The reader can only guess which side is right, but I have a feeling the sequel could perhaps prove such guesses wrong.

Well, I don’t know about that as I have no interest in LOTR, but it was a very good story with dragons, sorceresses and sorcerers, gods and immortals, races of men and other creatures shaped by Gods.


A poignant and a intense tale written with heart-wrenching passion. Anyone who likes fantasy.

As it was since time had begun, since Arahila the Fair had Bajewreaker them into being that the banewrekaer of Men might not fear the darkness. The war of the Shapers, and how it plays out between the races of Ellylon, Men, Were, Fjell, Dwarfs all created by the Shapersis the premise of the book. This book, which is book one, is appropriate for teens.

Three bxnewreaker, he asked. The parallels to Lord of the Rings are pretty blatant. Viewed one way, Banewreaker ‘s plot could be seen as The Lord of the Rings with Sauron depicted sympathetically.

Other heroes, other heroines. Mar 02, G. No way is there not a downside to that. Leather and steel creaked as Vorax levered his bulk to his feet, his breathing audible in the tower chamber; louder, banewfeaker he saw the star and sucked his breath between his teeth with a hiss.

Here is a novel much more along the typical fantasy line than Carey’s last series Kushiel’s Dart, et alwhich I enjoyed, and which had a vague hint of epistemological depth in its exploration of angelic and celestial themes. Banewreaker manages to slog around in a swamp of cliches and archetypes and st Banewreaker is pure, unadulterated, Epic Fantasy.

Satoris, as the story opens, is a little ahead in the game. Carey has created something special in this novel.