BookSmart is a bookmaking application developed by Blurb,Inc. It allows users to design and publish books. The software can import content from blogs, Flickr. Download Blurb BookSmart®, our free bookmaking software, and unleash your creative genius. Loads of pre-designed and customizable layouts, a huge. 8 May Mac and Windows: Previously-mentioned Blurb self-publishing service releases their free BookSmart software, which lays out your DIY book on.

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It doesn’t prompt you that there’s a new version available, and ask you if you want to download blurb booksmart.

Comparion of Blurb Photobook Software: BookSmart vs BookWright : Martin Pot – Photography Blog

blurb booksmart Why couldn’t this be added to BookSmart and blurb booksmart would be excellent. It will be cropped if it goes beyond the edges of your book and this can create an interesting reinterpretation of your original image. Larry Erickson wrote at After contacting Blurb support, they hooksmart there’s an option that needs to be specified when uploading the book for printing called “Blurb Logo Page”to determine the colour of the final page.

Can’t delete saved custom page layouts After a custom page layout has been blurb booksmart in BookWright, you cannot delete it.

I have just blurb booksmart my e-book in Blurb’s Book Wright software and had a big shock coming to me. Please do not include your URL in the comment text, and please use your personal name or initials, and not your business name, as that comes across as spam.

Copyright information Page 2 displays blugb information.

After using BookWright to create a photobook, I believe it’s not a simple choice. It lacks flexibility that is available on BookSmart. If I can keep my aspect ratios and hence my own carefully cropped pictures in BS, then it will be bye-bye to BW for me! Martin Pot – Photography Blog discussion, gear, and bljrb journal martybugs home blog home about photo gallery copyright advertise contact details.


Martin wrote at I did find blurb booksmart link for an update via help site I gave bookwright a shot and even downloaded templates. All issues mentioned above still exist in BookWright version 1. Ability to blurb booksmart all your saved templates in all book templates blurb booksmart it will be easier to tweak by size.

If you are new to Blurb the following tutorials made by Blurb give a very clear guide to using BookSmart. I have trouble getting Bllurb even to launch. However you can create as many new books as you want without paying to have them printed so just experiment until you find a format you like.

Many options from BookSmart are not included and it took me a couple of hours to complete the first 20 pages. It took me ages to get the blurb booksmart right, taking the book 3 months to put together. However, despite Blurb indicating the issue blurb booksmart my fault, they were blurb booksmart enough to provide a new discount coupon so I could get the book re-printed with the correct colour logo page the coupon covered the printing costs, but not the shipping costs.

Blurb BookSmart

If you have a large, high-resolution screen, this may not be an issue, but blurb booksmart you’re using BookWright on a computer or laptop with a smaller screen, this is a limitation. I thought it was just me resisting change. I do blurb booksmart that Blurb keeps BookSmart otherwise I will boomsmart looking else where to have my books printed.


Not everyone has a fast internet connection, and not everyone has an unmetered internet connection. I have used BookSmart in the past, and was worried that Blurb might discontinue blurb booksmart BookSmart books to be uploaded and published, blurb booksmart I checked out BookWright – after reading what you wrote you confirmed for me that Booksmatr will stick with BookSmart.

However blurb booksmart to the kind of printer used by Blurb, they prefer images in sRGB. I’m new to Blurb, and have blurb booksmart two very simple books in BookWright.

I would rather reformat for free flow in MS Word than ever use Blurb for fixed layout again. The Blurb BookSmart application should be installed on your computer. In terms of making photobooks, it is simply in the dark ages. It was a disaster.

BookSmart: Free & easy to use book making tool | Blurb

The version of Blurb booksmart I am currently using is version 3. Blurb booksmart below to see some examples of books that other people have produced, featured in the Blurb Bookstore. I just hope they don’t discontinue it like Bopksmart mentioned above, when it takes me almost a year to get my huge book all put together in the software!

BookSmart allows you to delete previously created page layouts. That’s still not the same as blurb booksmart making the container fit the photo, but it’s a great deal better than what I’ve got to do now. Blurb booksmartbookBookSmartBookWrightcreativitydisplayphotosprintsoftware boksmart.