1 Mar Vikram Mansharamani’s Boombustology: Spotting Financial Bubbles Before They Burst (Wiley, ) is based on a residential college seminar. 19 Apr Mansharamani uses the work of Roger Garrison and other Austrians to great effect. Buy this book in the Mises Store. 21 Jan If you can get past the title of his book – Boombustology – you will be rewarded with a thorough, well-documented, yet mercifully brief and.

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The Yale lecturer then points these lenses at five bubble-and-crash episodes, from Tulipmania to the recently busted housing boom.

Book Review: ‘Boombustology: Spotting Financial Bubbles Before They Burst’

Like physicists in search of a Grand Unified Theory, they long for a model that accounts boombustolog all the major aspects of the business cycle. The Multilens Look 7. A bubble wouldn’t be a bubble if you could connect all the dots. Housing Boom and Bust The Austrian Business Cycle Theory 2. Through his reflexivity lens he saw Chinese steel production exploding from 23 million tons in to million through the first half of — with up boombustolgoy 20 percent being used to construct more steel mills!

A multi-disciplinary framework through which to spot financial bubbles before they burst.

The Price-Dictation Method 4. Framing and Preference Reversal 3. The Theory of Reflexivity 1. He is not the first economist to invade these fields. Behavioral economics provides the theoretical underpinnings for the psychological analysis. Start Free Trial No credit card required. Boombustology provides an in-depth look at several major booms and busts and offers a solid framework for thinking about future occurrences.


The Japanese Boom and Bust Examines why booms and busts are not random and can therefore be identified Focuses upon various theoretical and disciplinary lenses useful in the study of booms and busts Contains a framework for thinking about and identifying forthcoming financial bubbles including several tell-tale indicators of a forthcoming bust. Can Anyone Own Anything?

Book Review: ‘Boombustology: Spotting Financial Bubbles Before They Burst’ | Seeking Alpha

The Boombustology of the Great Depression 7. Loose money always gushes into Picassos and van Goghs during booms, and Mansharamani provides an interesting sidebar with a chart of Sotheby’s common stock going back to mid, just before the final run-up of the Japanese stock market. Would you like boombustoloty change to the United Kingdom site?

So, are markets a puzzle or mystery?

He lives in Brookline, Massachusetts. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Rights, Moral Hazard, and Political Distortion Political and Regulatory Conditions 8. It is essential reading for any bubbliophile. Information Cascades and Herd Behavior 5. Political and Regulatory Considerations 6.

Boombustology: Spotting Financial Bubbles Before They Burst by Vikram Mansharamani, PhD

How “Fairness” Impacts Decisions 3. Housing Boom and Bust: Chapter 9 The Asian Financial Crisis: Red Flags of Reflexivity To Guide or Be Guided? Unintended Consequences Turning to politics, Mansharamani illustrates unintended consequences of taxes and regulations. Chapter 12 Boombustology in Action: Thankfully, the Yale instructor is clearer in his writing than Mr.


Leverage, Financial Innovation, and Cheap Money Subscribe to Our Mailing Lists.

Boombustology | Mises Institute

Land as Collateral 8. Thailand Catches the Flu 9.

Individual investors who can do so have a decent chance to beat the market averages over time, I believe. From Booming Twenties to Busted Thirties 7. Political Distortions of Property and Price 5.

One minute she goes along with the flow. Boombustology can help you achieve this elusive goal. This chapter uses the lenses discussed in Part I and the framework developed in Chapter 11 to gauge the probability of a Chinese bust. The Magnifying Power of Leverage 2. Ironically, the author looks to the Austrians for the greater part of his macroeconomic perspective biombustology with Hyman Minskyleading with a quote from Mises and quickly recognizing fractional reserves and central banking as culprits in bubble creation.

View table of contents. On a more serious note, he cites the mortgage interest deduction as a magnifying factor in the housing boom and bust. The Asian Financial Crisis: