Support for both variants of DIN letter layout Draft .. DIN vom Mai auf dem Briefbogen ausgegeben. das in der DIN Norm (Entwurf Mai ) festgelegte Layout um. Der Betreff . DIN vom Mai auf dem Briefbogen ausgegeben. \disabledraftstandard Der Brief wird entsprechend den Vorschriften der Norm DIN vom Dezember auf dem Briefbogen ausgegeben.

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RG removed argument hash mark bug. KB Changed first page to use pagestyle firstpage. Problem to be solved before this pagestyle can be introduced: So we can catch all interesting macros. KB Added code to enable and disable underlining of the backaddress.

Seite an oben fortlaufend zu benummern. The 6776 argument is a briffbogen with exactly one argument. Diese Datei kann z.

Das Umsetzen von Bezeichnungen z. Here is a table of all variables, and a mark if they are local, global or both. It is used at some other places, too. An example of what can be achieved is given by the following piece of TEX code.

Commented out and moved to the end of the file. No features of are currently used. RG closing has now an optional argument.


Defaults for the list environment are set as follows. This code may not complete yet! This allows the generation of papers containing several labels or printing directly on envelopes.

Standard Document Class `dinbrief` for LATEX version

In the current styles, it does nothing. The value is choosen as difference of positions as specified by the DIN Norm and the values used in earlier versions of this class. RG generic command for all enclosures added. Briffbogen have to make sure that the rule takes no vertical space see plain. We could probably add some more interesting stuff to this option. Setting parameters for existing environments 4.

The default is not to stretch the baselines. This code is originated by Rainer Sengerling. Ferner werden die Grenzen der vorliegenden Version aufgezeigt und es wird auf bekannte Fehler hingewiesen. Code copied from letter class.

Standard Document Class `dinbrief` for LATEX version |

This may also be true also for NFSS1. Schwarz, mit allen erforderlichen Unterlagen am Die Angabe der Option addressstd kann unterbleiben, da sie ohnehin voreingestellt ist. Mit diesem Befehl kann Platz gespart werden, falls die Seite 22 fast voll ist, und briefvogen neues Blatt begonnen werden soll. Check for nested letter envs changed. We use this to move the start of the first page of a letter 12 mm up.


These commands work in text mode and in math mode. This should work from the year up to The second then starts on the backside of the last page of the first letter. If the macro combined with the first two arguments is empty, then the third argument is executed.

Formen von Bezugszeichenzeilen 3. So the bottomline is inserted into every first page of letters. This is used to include special informations such as the number of the giroconto, or the name of the chairman of a corporation. This switch is used to remember to briefbogeh back. STY in 766 format, as of December 16,by D. Zusammenfassung der Dinbrief-Befehle Teil 1: Macros for splitting the receivers address replaced with a more flexible and more user friendly method.

To prepare a version for another language, various Cin words must be replaced. These informations can be local to one letter or global to all letters in the file. The following macros expect special positions on the paper to print their contents on the correct position.