They announced this sect in Hempher is a British missionary who was assigned the task of carrying on espionage activities in Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Hidjaz and. [Author’s note: The following account was written in the context of a book about conspiracy theories; therefore, I did not need to state what needs to be stated. The British accomplished this through a British spy named Hempher. His story has been published in a little pamphlet entitled Confessions of a.

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It increased my information about the Muhammadans. We must completely strip them of their moral values by means of schools, books, magazines [sports clubs, publications, motion pictures, television], and our own agents trained for this job. Now I knew how they thought, what their weaknesses were, what made bditish powerful, and how to transform their powerful qualities into vulnerable spots. He is to prepare armies for this purpose.

According to them, Britishh was their twelfth imaam, who was a descendant of Islam’s Prophet and who disappeared in the Hijree year Their mental dynamisms and financial sources must be annihilated.

We have determined that the answers given by these people are seventy-percent agreeable with the answers that their originals would give. As it is fard to demolish all the mausoleums and domes in Muslim countries, so is it a must to bulldoze the cemetery called Baakee’. As for Waleed; yes, he was a sinner. For they look on us as disbelievers and deny our Prophet Muhammad ‘alaihis-salaam’. Did you like our new website design?


Especially, I wanted to see my son Rasputin, who had been born after my departure.

These are the evidences for the fact that in Islam sovereignty is a form of dictatorship. For the following theory is common: The next step should be to arm these groups so that each of them will be a thorn on the body hemphe Islam.

Confessions of a British Spy

On the other hand, if you aren’t sure sspy the direction of the enemy assault you will spread your forces here and there in a haphazard way and suffer a defeat. The Qur’aan gives the name ‘Muslim’ to members of all religions. In the meantime, we must degenerate the existing four Sunnite madh-habs into four self-standing religions.

Bilal Kasi is currently reading it Jun 17, Thanks for telling us about the problem. Likewise, Muslims will be made to feel doubts about hadeeths. As we hsmpher I said to him, “Do you believe in Taqiyya?

Memoirs of Mr. Hempher, The British Spy to the Middle East – Wikipedia

Cindy marked it as to-read Mar 27, I would say to him, “O Muhammad, the Prophet suffered more persecution than you have so far. These are scientific matters. I have eaten what others sowed. The Shiite men of religion came together in Najaf. Broadcast the conception that Islam is a religion peculiar to the Arabs only.

They said that the Sunnites were disbelievers. The fifth one was dressed like the great scholar leading the Shiites in Najaf.


Muaawiya assumed power by the sword. Preview — Confessions of a British Spy by Mr. I gave them as much property and money as they wanted. These men also sent reports concurrent with the reports I had sent and with the account I had given to the secretary. For one thing, the governor appointed by the administration in Istanbul was an uneducated and cruel person.

One day a flood will come and take them all away. For she passed away after my departure for my third mission. And Shiites, in their turn, could not possibly influence Muhammad of Najd. In his memoirs, Hempher details the weak points of the Muslim world, and along with exposing tensions between Sunnis and Shiites, he also explained the formation of a new movement which later became known as Wahhabism. It is stated in the Qur’aan, “Some of them: The Iraq representative of the Ministry advised me not to call on him often lest I should arouse suspicion.

This ten-day leave elapsed as fast as an hour.

He made a mistake. When the people around Muhammad of Najd heard about this plot of their enemies, they began to hate them all the more. So I had to put an end to my company with Muhammad of Brihish and leave Basra.