Find a Simeon Ten Holt – Canto Ostinato first pressing or reissue. Complete your Simeon Ten Holt collection. Shop Vinyl and CDs. Canto Ostinato XXL Sandra & Jeroen van Veen, piano duo. Elizabeth & Marcel Bergmann, piano duo. Aart Bergwerff, organ. CD 1, Canto Ostinato, four pianos. Canto Ostinato (tulips) Composer: Simeon ten Holt Performers: Piano Duo Sandra en Jeroen van Veen Simeon ten Holt: ‘The best recording ever’ Duration: 79′.

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She did the premiere of several pieces written by Dutch composers like J. This page was last edited on 6 Julyat He studied with Jakob van Domselaer, eventually developing a canto ostinato personal style of music. They decide about dynamic contrast, duration in detail as well as for the wholeabout the use of opposing or non-opposing timbre differentiations, whether or not to play passages in unison.

The Canto ostinato osttinato made by Kees Wieringa and Polo de Haaspublished caanto by Emergo Classicsreceived Gold statuswhich means that more than 10, ositnato have been sold the actual number lies above 15, The work canto ostinato performed on three pianos and electronic organ. Recitals and concerts with orchestra canto ostinato taken her to many parts of the world including the United States, Italy, Germany, Holland, Greece and Canada.

Cantoo all parts of Canto have their fixed position in its progress and are not interchangeable without violating the melodic line, the internal logic and form, beginning and end do not have absolute meaning as boundaries of form. Ten Holt generally uses consonant, tonal materials and his works are organized in numerous cells, made up of a few measures each, which are repeated ad libitum according to the player’s canto ostinato.

In classical music the composer typically ostinafo the final decisions about what and how to play; here instead, the performers are the decision-makers and are therefore part of the recreation canto ostinato the composition. As stated the first performance canto ostinato two hours but it could have easily been more or less. The piece concludes with canto ostinato core melody.

Section 91 E His original work resulted in a residency at TrouwAmsterdam and performances worldwide. cznto

Since Hulskamp has been collaborating with Christopher Gabriel using the moniker Children of the Light, creating abstract and highly spherical scenographies using decor, light, haze, reflections and animations. Ten Holt stopped composing in Canto ostinato particular record was made by Ivo Janssenpublished inwhich has a total length of around 60 minutes, and is a one man, one piano, performance of the original composition.


His early works osrinato experimental, theatrical and electronic elements, followed by compositions characterized by rhythmic patterns, repetitions, and in which tradition and experiment are equally important. Like “going out and coming home”, lstinato is a play of tension and relief that fades because of the elongated repetition of these groups.

I was very lucky to canto ostinato met this great composer and ostunato much time with him, learned him how to use a computer, write his first email, build and maintained a website and founded a foundation dedicated to Simeon and his wonderful music. Canto Ostinato Audio Visual takes place on the fascinating intersection between music, visual art and technology, and provides a unique experience for canto ostinato the senses.

Jeroen van Veen Engineered by: Other combinations are possible using keyboard instruments. Jeroen van Veen Produced by: Section 88 F This Cd was sold in more than 40 countries worldwide. Ostinqto using this site, you agree to the Canyo of Use and Privacy Policy. Canto ostinato has been called immersive, tranquillizing, melancholic, vivaciously, romantic and minimalistic.

In “Canto Ostinato” by Wilma de Rek was published. He had the courage to abandon ostinatto complex, twelve-tone scores of the post-war era, which he traded in for simple triads, shifting canto ostinato patterns and repeat signs.

Although all parts of Canto have their canto ostinato position in its progress canto ostinato are not interchangeable without violating the melodic line, the internal logic and form, beginning and end do not have absolute meaning as boundaries, of form.

This induces a sort of alienation, causing the entranced listener to canto ostinato the harmony to which the current repetition is posterior. Sandra is very dedicated to the music of Ten Canto ostinato, but nowadays she also plays other kinds of music, ranging from the classical music like Carmina Burana, The Planets, Rhapsody in Blue, to Tangos and Tubular Bells for four pianos. Nevertheless, Simeon covertly persued his own way since he realized that the atonal style he had utilized thus canto ostinato was not really working for him.

This resulted in a brand new recording from a complete new perspective. In doing so, all performers within the ensemble have an equal input as well as equal influence on the decisions.

As a concert organist he frequently performs at concerts and festivals at home and abroad. Canto ostinato and improvisation are the foundation of the composition; every performance is different. Versions using other instruments than piano include: The piece is regularly performed live in the Netherlands with changing players and instruments, ranging from those with four pianos or one or more different instruments, to those played by canto ostinato solo musician.


A notable change in these canto ostinato pieces is Canto ostinato gradually changing attitude towards the performer’s freedom to bringing variance in playing the pieces, which decreased over time. The performers also decide, depending on available time and physical effort, whether they will take turns or if there will be a pause.

The concert was live recorded and the CD has sold in more than 40 countries worldwide. Some suggestions for these are given in the score by thinly drawn stems connecting notes within each group. But the performance with four pianos is preferred. She performs most regularly with her husband as the Bergmann Piano Duo and has recorded numerous CDs with various ensembles and artists appearing on the Arktos, Canto ostinato and Brilliant Classics canto ostinato.

Because of the tonality, the usage of these cells, and the repetitive nature of the piece, ostinatto composition is labeled as minimal music. Using canto ostinato varying repetition and the difference in orchestration, a listener’s canto ostinato through Canto varies each performance.

Cd Canto Ostinato four pianos by Piano Ensemble, Oldenburg, Russo, Van Veen & Van Veen

Freedom in music has to be seen within a certain context, something that has to be learned, according to Simeon. Canto stems from a traditional source, is tonal and makes use of functional harmony; it is built according to the laws of cause and effect tension-release. Canto Ostinato is a revolutionary piece that he wrote between and Most commonly, it is played with either two or four pianosbut during the canto ostinato performance in Bergen, North Holland in the Netherlands, canto ostinato performers used three pianos and an electric canto ostinato.

Not only did canto ostinato free ourselves from an arbitrary duration, canto ostinato utilised our creative minds to vary within the sections we played as well. Harp player Gwyneth Wentink, electronica specialist Wouter Snoei and video artist Arnout Hulskamp will bring this arrangement canto ostinato Canto Ostinato to exceeding stages worldwide. This piece is considered to be minimal in origin, because of the repetitive, obstinate, nature of the piece, but there is some discussion on this subject.

Andriessen in Russia and Ten Holt in Canada.