Chum Kiu Form Movements. 1) Start in a 47) Lead leg takes a half step forward and level up with the rear foot / Double HUEN-SAO into Double JUT-SAO. ing principles and understanding in each developmental stage. “Chum Kiu trains the stance and the waist. The arm bridge is short and the step is narrow.

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The key to doing this is to learn how to use all the muscles in your body in a short sequence ie. If you miss time this, you end up just striking with your arm and not using the power of your whole body.

Ip Man filmed this footage so the world would know the correct way to do the second form. Please practice the order at home so exact positions can be leared in class. Fprm an attack coming and picture yourself blocking it. Chum Kiu guides the way. Chum Kiu Second Section. chum kiu form step by step

Wing Chun: Chum Kiu Form

Email yourself a new password. Chum Kiu Third Section. In Chum Kiu, even though you’re turning, you still can control that steep like a stationary position.


This is due to their speed and lack of height. Even though they aren’t doing anything useful right now, you have to pay attention to keep your hands in position.

Chum Kiu in the Wing Chun Syllabus

The knees are bent. With your knees together you can protect your groin against sfep and knees. This was filmed in just a few weeks before Ip Man passed away. Face opponents in different directions. Log In Not a member? Chum Kiu means “Searching for the Bridge.

Introduces Biu Ma stepping to the student. The hands do not touch or rest on the chest. Chum Kiu makes the student practice a number of useful skills. A photo run through of the form The following photos are designed to help students learn the form. You will end up in a loose position of attention, the same as the starting position and a few inches to the right. Miu you already have an account please chum kiu form step by step in.

Use the three joints of the arm to prevent entry by the opponent’s bridge; jam the opponent’s bridge to restrict his movement.

Most importantly, don’t simply go through the form’s motions while you’re thinking about work or your favorite TV show. In this form we introduce the compass to tell you what way to face. What is Chum Kiu? The mind should be cleared ready to concentrate on the form.


Wing Chun Forms/Chum Kiu – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

This page was last edited on 20 Octoberat The wrists are in front of the waist, This ensures the hands are not too close to the body or too far away.

This is the training stance Gee Kim Yeung Ma.

Perform the form with the “warrior mind”. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world.

The hands are pulled up to chest height as closed fists. Where is the opponent’s bridge to be found? At the same time straighten your legs, bring your left foot to stsp right, and push your hands down chum kiu form step by step your hips.

Photo captions Stand ready to start the form. Your weight is balanced in all directions, and you are ready to move in any direction. Generating torque by turning.