Well – these have the dreaded Dallas DS “all in one” Real Time Clock (RTC) chip with integrated Xtal and battery. Now the battery is dead, configuration is. FEATURES. ▫ Drop–in replacement for IBM AT computer clock/calendar. ▫ Pin compatible with the MCB and. DSA. ▫ Totally nonvolatile with over Dallas DS, DS and Compatibles – External Battery Rework Advice. The following is some extra information that you might find useful if you plan to.

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All described modifictions apply to this chip as well. The 0V-reading tells you that you successfully disconnected the battery. My hack job can be seen below. Then circumstances kept me from working with it until now Dallae the dust dsllas Originally Posted by Chuck G.

Almost immediately I found an article written by someone who had the same issue and had published a solution. There are no provisions for one. All times are GMT Ratings and Reviews Write a review.

It sets too fast! And applying the replacement chips is easier for you than the hack? Soon I’d uncovered the two pins I needed to access photo 2. No errors, just a straight boot-through as it should be. Many other computers from the 90s used them as well.

Dallas DS, DS and Friends – Rework Advice

I went through five or six DS modules before deciding that this method wasn’t going to work for me. Modules that are well over the stated lifetime of ten years may continue to keep time for another five years or so.


What do I have to worry about in terms of counterfeits and old stock? Even its successor DS is pretty hard to get and darn expensive. Every time I booted up the machine, I was greeted with the errors above. This worked very well and allowed me to put the batteries in a location where they’d be easier to change. At that point you wish you could add an external battery.

Dallas DS1287 DIP Real Time Clock 3pcs

Here Best Regards Emmanuel. You want to be sure the battery is disconnected, so double-check with a voltmeter. Dallas dougnflo [at] comcast [dot] net Kalamazoo, Michigan, U. After these pins were exposed, breaking the connection to the internal battery dallaas easy. Go with the hot glue. What’s the date code on yours? I’m going to have to give the hack a try.

Problem with any DS is that they haven’t been made in years.

I used a medium sized flat file I have a motherboard that has been sitting dds1287 unused for a couple years. However the process is not always quite so hassle-free.

It’s stopped my Compaq from saying System options not set every boot and now it can remember settings again. I ordered a free DS sample from the company that gobbled up Dallas Semiconductor.

Best rework chip Best rework chip, save lots of diy effort. When you’ve exposed this, punch through it with a nail, awl or similarly sharp device. Without that webpage, I would never have thought of repairing it like that! Thank you very much for dallae this mod on your web site. Not easy when dealing with a computer over 20 years old. Originally Posted by DOS lives on!!


Throughout their lifetime, they do keep good time. The only things you need to do is: In any case, I turned to hand tools Finding a Dallas DS replacement. All in all, the repair took about a hour and was pretty straightforward.

Up for sale is one piece DS Whatever you do, handle the pins on the module carefully. Show More Show Less. I replaced my RTC chip in my Compaq Deskpro s with one of these sold by ericchungelectronic and it works perfectly.

Best rework chip, save lots of diy effort. This picture shows the second module I reworked in a Model I needed to do something about it! My Dremel tool–while a nice piece of equipment–spins at a minimum of 5, RPM and was all dal,as happy to open not only the potting compound, but also the IC and in some cases, even the battery.