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Ensuring data availability and integrity, while still meeting capacity and backup window constraints, is about to get significantly easier. The Dell DR 20 Feb Dell has announced the DR, an update to their backup and recovery appliance line that is based on the Fluid Data Architecture. As a future-ready backup and recovery solution, the Dell DR appliance also offers compression capabilities that reduce WAN bandwidth and application.

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Quote Post by v. What is your RAID configuration? So after hours of testing here the latest infos: We need to find out what the bottleneck is. The DR meets a variety of customer dr41100, ranging from a small business looking for an entry backup appliance, to larger organizations that want more backup data to reside easily accessible on disk, before being shipped off to long term archival storage on tape. To improve performance, you need to licence Boost on the alliance and the BE dedup option, and use the appliance as an OST device.

Thanks a lot Patrick. I don’t know why these values were different. Yes, it has an Hp or similar on it, as well as a cache card not sure how that would be leveraged by Windows.

WHEN it worked, it was very nice. Nagios, the Nagios logo, and Nagios graphics are the servicemarks, trademarks, or registered trademarks owned by Nagios Enterprises. If you use it as an ordinary disk storage, you are taking a double performance hit. But it broke dr100 every months in some fashion. Deployments can start as small as 2. So now in general better performance, also changed Storage settings on Backup exec to default values according to admin guide.


Dell told us to use Cat6a.

I think you can activate a 60 trial of the Deduplication Option in BE. Dell has announced the DR, an update to their backup and recovery appliance line that is based on the Fluid Data Architecture. In fact, we officially disclaim all liability. Uses SSH to fetch information rr4100 the unit. Now turned it of but there is no difference as far as I can say.

Dell DR and DR Competitive Analysis

The good news though for DR owners is Dell is offering the DR firmware as a free upgrade which will include system improvements like the enhanced 32 to 1 replication. Please install it before running this script. Dell DR Service tag: Search Exchange Advanced Search. Please let us know if you have any other questions. See plugin output dr41100 graphs for more information. See also attached pdf.

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Author Post time Subject Direction: Full 2x10gb networking per host for data, and 2x10gb for iscsi. If you are going to use the BE dedup option, it would be better to license Boost at the same time and use the appliance as an OST device.


Maybe dedup from Symantec. We had vr4100 I think when lot of jobs running very bad write performance and the biggest problem read is very bad for B2tapeI not got more then 1Gbit out of the box even if only 1 job is running.


Are you running any AV scans on the BE services? While the deduplication and compression features may be an assumed feature by some, not all backup appliances in this category offer such features. The “container” on the DR for backup is a cifs share. We also had some issues on our HP Switch with one of the 10Gbit ports, received some strange errors yersterday so now use another Port on the switch also created a LACP trunk.

Dell DR Product Page. I believe your device is a dedup appliance.

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We will engage our escalation engineering to work on your issue. So the follow up question would be how best to leverage it in terms of a Veeam solution.