If I call REPORT FORM from a form, foxpro prints what appears to be debug the bug returns even with the fixes to the report listener class. Visual FoxPro General. Visual FoxPro Dear friends, I have used Report listener with its quietmode.t. to send output of the report to html file. vfp 9 introduces a new reporting system based on listeners additive * create a report listener object local loreportlistener loreportlistener.

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SCX shown in Figure 5 acts as both a report manager and preview window at the same time. The actual value of the field to output.

SP2 REPORT FORM command problem

Rendering is another complication. Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. DrawRectangle loPen, lnLeft, lnTop.

RunReports The Developer Download files for this chapter, repkrtlistener at www. A special comment about data session handling is in order. So basically something like this:.

Report Listener prints something on form

Red Flag This Post Please let us know here why this post is inappropriate. App with the code we wrote above. Custom Rendering You aren’t limited to changing the appearance of a field? Report listeners can be used in a couple of ways.

The Init method creates the collection of directive handlers and fills it with several commonly reportlisttener handlers. As the report is processed, the listener needs to determine where the labels and values for the chart come from. It also provides a few utility methods that most listeners require.


Click If Empty Thisform. I tried this again on Windows Vista on another PC.

Extending the Visual FoxPro 9 Reporting System

This may already be ammended in the newer VFPX version of xsource at http: The variable exists, but the value is not appropriate.

There are some limitations here. Heh, If we’re totally going to make it easy, we could use WriteMethod and do the whole deed. My Subscriber Account Advertise Write. VCX is a very simple example. HandleDirective looks up each word in the text in the field being rendered in STRINGS and finds the appropriate translation from the column for the desired language.

This field uses the following expression to display the desired value: Removes the modeless feedback UI. Specify and Distribute ReportPreview. In addition to the requirements of a listener factory described above, ReportOutput.

The next four parameters represent the position and size of the object. The shortcut menu is populated in the InvokeContextMenu method of the preview window, so you might think that removing the print goxpro from the menu requires subclassing the preview form class and overriding this method. When listenerType is 0 or 2, the report engine sends the current page number after it has rendered a page.

The most frequently used class is GPGraphics. Report listener source code is in xsource available to you to modify otherwise.

In that case, OutputPage will handle outputting to the specified file. Also, note that one of the include files, SFReporting. With Cathy’s suggestion, you would actually solve it. The Next and Previous buttons display the next and previous pages in the report. Band events of the ReportListener base class. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. And didn’t change anything, just installed SP2. It is still the same problem.


It depends on how the ListenerType property is configured. After determining whether there are any effects to be applied to the field, EvaluateContents then goes through the collection of effect handlers for the field, calling the Execute method of each one to have it do whatever is necessary. These effects are applied by effect handler objects, which are stored in a collection in the oEffectsHandlers property of EffectsListener.

However, EvaluateContents fires for every field in every record, and there really isn’t a need to check for the effects more than once for a particular field doing so would slow down the performance of the report. Doug has spoken at every Microsoft FoxPro Developers Conference DevCon since and at user groups and developer conferences all over the world. A number of utility methods exist that make it easier to work with listeners. The object has been started, but will not finish on the current page.

It appears that Microsoft left some debug output in the report foxprl in SP2. PageTotal N The total number of pages in the report. This code uses several properties of the class: