Friedrich Cerha was born in Vienna in He began violin lessons in , and from onward he received instruction in music theory and compositon. Composer Friedrich Cerha, born in Vienna in , has long been considered one of the most important Austrian composers of our time. In , he founded. Friedrich Cerha. Play on Spotify Friedrich Cerha: Nacht & 3 Orchesterstücke · Friedrich Friedrich Cerha: Eine Art Chansons & Eine letzte Art Chansons.

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You can read the article in German at www. Member of the European Academy of Sciences. Cerha was born in Vienna.

Friedrich Cerha | KAIROS

With a group of contemporaries such as Kurt Schwertsik and Peter Vujicahe was also involved in the establishment of this society. Friedrich Cerha has spent much cdrha his career delving into various 20th century musical styles, such as twelve-tone technique, neoclassicism, and serial music.

After a semester at the University of Vienna, he was sent to an Officer’s school in Denmark. Concerto for percussion and orchestra Gruber as cerua as his wife Gertraud, he founded the ensemble die reihe in to create a forum for contemporary music.

Composition of Mouvements and Fasce.

For example, he created a version of Spiegel that included movement groups, lights, and objects. On the other hand, his string quartets, some of which use microtones, show the influence of non-European music, with a tendency to polyrhythmic and metrical forms also to be found in other works such as the Langegger Nachtmusik III frriedrich Quellen.


Composition of the Rhapsodie pour violon et piano, commissioned by the Jacques Thibaud competition, Paris.

Friedrich Cerha

Profile Photos Videos Audios News. Retrieved from ” https: Dates Schools Teachers Diploma.

With comrades such as the composer Kurt Schwertsik and later also H. These quotations are published with the kind permission of Kairos.

Friedrich Cerha

Views Read Edit View history. Are you this artist? Prize of the City of Vienna. Ernst von Siemens Music Prize.

German with English subtitles His Works After the end of World War 2, Cerha focused on concertizing and teaching the then dominant neo-classicism his Divertimento of represents homage to Stravinsky. He has been awarded friedrcih number of compositions prizes, e.

The past decade has seen his extraordinary, seemingly never-ending creativity continue to flourish. Editions of early music. In the yearswork in developing and leading school orchestras. Exhibit at the Cedha National Library: Apart from his compositions, Cerha widely earned a reputation as an interpreter of the works of Alban BergArnold Schoenberg and Anton Webern ; his affinity for the works of the second Viennese school culminated in the completion of Alban Berg’s opera Lulu by finishing the instrumentation of the 3rd act and filling the gaps in the score premiered by Pierre Boulez in Paris Cerha took a fresh look at various forms of folklore, already evident in his early works, in such minor works as the Keintaten after Ernst Kein and Chansons settings of texts of the Vienna Groupstylising and alienating the Viennese idiom.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Friedrich Cerha – Wikipedia

Read an extensive interview with Friedrich Cerha. After a series of instrumental works in which he extended his material by referring directly to historical idioms Curriculum, Sinfoniethe opera Baal seamlessly knits together all the previous structural forms.


In andCerha composed a work that became central to his compositional output – a cycle entitled Spiegel. This biography of a living person friedrichh additional citations for verification. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Return to Vienna in November. As an Austrian, Friedrich Cerha is also a representative of those of his compatriots who — in a tragic phase of history — took the only honest path by actively fighting against fascism.

Later, frisdrich took as starting points the works of Anton Webern, and from serial techniques of the avantgarde, developing his own style with such pieces as Relazioni fragili, Espressioni fondamentali, Intersecazioni.

It has also been synonymous with the endeavour to keep tradition alive while striving for the renewal of the art of composition. You will regularly receive information about new scores with free downloads, current prize games and news about our composers.

First extensive tour with “die reihe” including Relazioni fragili throughout Germany and to Paris. Artists will only be notified about positive votes.

He is fully at home in the world of Viennese tunes and he is perhaps the first one to have paved their way to the concert hall. Cerha has written a detailed report on his approach to the material Berg left unfinished, published by Universal Edition.