Download Lagu Shree Jagannath Sahasranama Names Of Sri Jagannath Sidharth Tv MP3 dapat kamu download secara gratis di Waptrick. Untuk melihat. Shree Jagannatha Sahasranama [Odia]. 1/ Shree Jagannatha Sahasranama [Odia]. Page 2. Shree Jagannatha Sahasranama. Shri Shri Jagannath Sahasranama Stotram – Bhajan: Shri Shri Jagannath Sahasranama Stotram (New Uploaded Video) Album Name: Shri.

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Ghana shyama He who is as black as thick cloud Anabhoktha He who is the breath of a consumer Jagannadho Lord of universe 9. Akasanga The part of the sky The God instructed the king to collect the wodden piece sent by him to carve out the idol of the god.

Jeevathma The divine soul Sarva Deva Priyankara He who is the darling of all devas Srunu rajan mahabaho mahimaanaam jagat patheYasya smarana mathrena sarva paapai pramuchyathe.

Padmanabho One who has lotus on his belly 5.

In case of device support issues, try new Snapdeal App. Nithyaka He who is forever Shyama Bandhu The black friend Darahasa He who laughs at Indra or From the navel Batakaa batuka sadaa He who is the help to the less intelligent always Sarvagna He who knows everything He instructed that he should work alone and should not be disturbed. Chakrapani One who holds the discuss Mangalya He who is auspicious Chathuranana Sevitha He who is served by Lord Brahma Sureswara God of the devas Shambhu Lord Shiva Brahatrhpithaa Big father Manoja jnatha karaka He who makes the mind understand It is believed God himself came in the form of an artist to carve the statue.


Neelasundara The pretty God who is blue Neeladri pathi Nadha The lord of the king of blue mountain Sudra The service providers Daithya Nasana He who is the destroyer of asuras Maayaya yasya samsaro vyaprutha sa charachara, Yasya prasadacha Brahmaanam srusthwaa Paathi cha sarvadhaa.

Sridhayanidhi He who is the treasure of mercy Nithya He who is forever Khaga pathi Lord of the bird Salagrama Sila SAlagrama stone Bratha The brother Mahad Brahma The great Brahma SAranagatha Palaka He who protects those who surrender to him Yudhishtra Maha Bahokadhyami srunushva may, Jagannadasya naamaani pavithrani shubhaani cha.

Please press enter for search. Para Palaka The divine guard Brahmaadshi dasa dik paalan Maaya vimohithaan khalu, Sahasranaam cheshtaa avarohascha Brahmanda Khanda gochara.

Jagannatha Sahasra namam – Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Nara Sage Nara Drushtaa He who sees Kalpa tharu The wish giving tree I salute him who loves the world and please tell in detailThe naes of that lord of the worldso that I can tell them properly.


Jagat Dhata The giver to the world Chirayus He who is long ived Swaroopa druk He who shows his form Brahat Jaganmath The great creator Lokanadho Lord of the earth 10 Neeladreesa God of the blue mountain Nirupadrava One who never troubles Brahma Lord Brahma SAthyaa Deekhaadhi Palaka He observes truth and penance Through the pity and affection Of Jagananathaall the beings spread all overAre ornamented with truth and dharma.

Para dhi He who searches for others SAmudhra parvathaanaam cha Gandharvaanam thadasraya He on whom ocean, mountains and Gandharwas depend