Mumbai Mirror, Thursday, February 7, “Sense and Sensuality” Kissa Yoni Ka, the Hindi avatar of Vagina Monologues manages to walk. Kissa Yoni Ka: What The Vagina Monologues Mean In Hindi. By Lauren O’Neal. January 30th, As reports of the utterly horrifying rape and death of a. kissa yoni ka – The air was filled with the hushed voices of women in the theatre. Many were reluctant to attend the staging of ‘Kissa Yoni Ka’.

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Kidsa is not very amusing though when Kishore Kumar becomes the starting point of the old Parsi woman’s first intimate encounter, and celebrity film stars of the 60s float through her secretions. The mood slowly transformed as the stage was set on fire by five actors, including Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal and Dolly Thakore.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. While the English script is laborious when it plays through the phonetic elements of ‘cunt’, the Hindi version isn’t better in its mostly parallel interpretation, and the ‘chut dance’ with the drum and a traditional limerick isn’t very funny.

Predictably, yooni play takes the audience through the vagina nomenclature, which reads like a grocery list, and then flirts with the surrounding paraphernalia – the smell, the hair, yni menses, the taboos, and the fears that surround intimacy and contact.

kissa yoni ka

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here It was exactly the sort of women-centric work he and his mother, theatre veteran Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal, wanted to highlight with their company, Poor-box Productions. Now share the story Too bad. It gets aggressive only to make its point, but at times you wonder ja the audience grappling with the overdose of shock therapy is being able to make the connect with the real substance at all.

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After the agony of childbirth, a sense of relief took over me,” said Sunita. The language walks the tightrope skillfully, avoiding the pitfalls of titillation and vulgarity.

There is a certain robust energy about Vagina Monologues that has kept it alive on the Mumbai stage for so long. Production oriented acting workshop by nsd graduates Discover the star course at Crafters.

If a vagina could speak, what would it say? The original American stories sound very much at home in their new Parsi, Marathi, Punjabi settings. The play touched upon close to 15 horrific real life stories from over women interviewed across the globe. At its best, the play is a popular extension of school sex education courses for the masses, and for the oldies who missed it at school!

Kissa Yoni Ka/The Vagina Monologues play review , Hindi play review –

After watching the play, these women intend to initiate discussions on sex and their sexuality amidst slum communities. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Register a workshop View all workshops. A few months later, the sister came for our show in New Delhi and met us backstage. Working on this play has been life-altering for its cast.


Kissa Yoni Ka (Vagina Monologues in Hindi) | Pragya Tiwari

Eve Ensler’s award winning play was written after Interviewing women from all over the world, including Bosnia and Kosovo. All in all, very impressive performances and very effective translation. Kader Khan’s son dismisses reports of the actor’s kizsa, says it’s all a lie.

Clearing the censor for the first production was surprisingly easy.

Another is the story of a woman humiliated by her husband for her pubic hair, while in yet another Bosnian women recount their rapes at the hands of Serbian soldiers. We see the vagina as embodying the spirit of woman, the essence of womankind.

Similes and metaphors pour in from all directions, but sound quite remote. The Vagina Monologues, written by Ensler after speaking to women, has evoked strong reactions.

Kissa Yoni Ka/The Vagina Monologues play review

But all in all, the boisterous feminist energy is well-meaning and infectious. These monologues have reportedly shocked and scandalised people around the world.

Here’s hoping Lok Sabha TV is focused on the audience when that happens. Real issues concerning women run much deeper.