The LAPSSET Corridor. Program is a regional flagship project intended to provide transport and logistics infrastructure aimed at creating seamless connectivity. LAPSSET refers to Lamu Port and. the New Transport and Development Corridor projects. • This is a major infrastructure development project that involves the. 1 Jan The LAPSSET Corridor Development Authority (LCDA) is LAPSSET is an Infrastructure Corridor Project conceived to improve access and.

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Kenya Civil Aviation Authority has already made plans to establish air transport safety, security and surveillance facilities and services to strengthen air transport and logistics in northern Kenya.

Lamu Port and Lamu-Southern Sudan-Ethiopia Transport Corridor – Wikipedia

The construction works for this section has progressed to The authority will push for public private partnerships to help in implementation of the project. We use cookies to give you the best experience on this website. Bythe railway line is expected to handle 30 daily trains to Juba lapsset 52 to Addis Ababa.

Improvement works are already complete for the airport terminal building.

One day – One News, One day – One Project

The city will be situated between Katim hill and Oldonyo Degishu hill. The consultants also developed a conceptual design for the resort city with more than 10 preliminary models of the city. The local council will then acquire the land title and make money from leasing out the land and charging rates.

The timeline of the project is not clear, including when it started and when it should be finished. Finally, sectarian polarization and radicalization is spreading from Somalia into the other countries creating instability projectt the region. The project will involve the following components: The author describes young people in Kashmir as a tinder box, with the potential both for violence, and for sparking movements to peace.

Some projects like the Isiolo-Merille lapsst began in Local Voices for Peace. Daily Nation Friday 6 January The road begins at Merille River and runs in a northerly direction and terminates at Marsabit.


April Learn how and when to remove this template message. In addition to the above the Government has prioritised the provision of appropriate infrastructural service aimed at supporting the massive investments planned for the LAPSSET Corridor.

Preparations are at an advanced stage towards the construction of a parallel taxiway and aircraft apron area to improve capacity of the airport. Similarly, historical land and development injustices of the past affecting the region have not been explored.

Lapssst works are currently ongoing for Airport Terminal Building which is scheduled for completion by end of It is expected that communities and livelihood capitals will be affected and that the potential for cross-border conflict will increase. The project was initially conceived in but never took off due to various reasons.

Improvement works on Lokichogio Airport were completed in the recent past and is already operational with scheduled flights landing at the airport. Under Kenya’s new constitution, it will be mandatory for the government to get consent from the locals before commencing with the project.

The majority of communities in the LAPSSET Corridor are migrant nomadic pastoral communities, at risk from natural pdoject, drought and frequent conflict. In this event, the Lokichar to Lamu crude oil pipelines will be the trunk crude pipeline to accommodate crude oil from Uganda and South Sudan.

In order to support the development of the crude oil pipeline, the Government has identified the need to projet construct the Lamu-Lokichar Road alongside the pipeline.

This projject project does present an opportunity for private sector participation. Indeed, Kenyans and Ethiopians will soon be able to enjoy improved transport and logistics services and transact business between Addis Ababa, Lamu and Nairobi.

Kenya’s other transport corridor is the Mombasa – Uganda transport corridor that passes through Nairobi and much of the Northern Rift. If you continue using the website, we will assume you are happy to receive our cookies.

Provision of airport facilities will strengthen buildup of air transport and logistics services along the corridor in readiness for the construction of the three international airports at the three locations in the future.


They also point to settlement in new locations that were not traditional settlement localities during the best of times in the nomadic pastoral lifestyle. And it promises to reinvigorate marginalised regions, creating jobs and raising whole communities out of poverty. As such considerations are being made to commence construction of crude oil pipeline from Lokichar to Lamu Port to evacuate Kenyan oil as more preparations are made to complete negotiations on the construction of joining crude oil pipelines from Uganda and South Sudan oil fields.

The compensation it provides does not address the long-term needs for any of the communities dispossessed of land, water and other natural assets. This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards. The site was identified by Japanese Port Consultants after a nine-month feasibility study.

The functions of the Authority are as follows:. In addition the eastern areas inside Kenya and south-eastern Ethiopia are regions in which al-Shabaab operates, with recruitment of youth contributing to insecurity and conflict. There has been a rise in violence in Kashmir, amid claims of a growing acceptance of these killings in the pubic psyche. A consortium of companies led by China Communications Construction Company CCCC was reported to have won the bid for construction of the first three berths at Lamu port.

Crude oil terminal tank farms will therefore be built at Lokichar and Lamu to manage the logistics of pumping crude oil through the pipeline as well as into the loading into ships for export.

The specific problem is: With these developments, the original plan and design for the crude oil pipeline has to be reviewed to accommodate these new discoveries.