29 Sep We’ve written before about the new Pencast feature available in the Livescribe Desktop. It’s a very cool feature as it allows you to create. 1 Jul Please note: By default, you can replay the audio using the pencast tab in Tagged: Digital Pen, echo smartpen, export audio, livescribe. The Livescribe paper-based computing platform consists of a digital pen, digital paper, software . The Livescribe Connect service, launched in May , allows pencasts to be sent through e-mail, Evernote, Facebook, Google Docs, and other.

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The Livescribe Connect service, launched in Mayallows pencasts to be sent through e-mail, EvernoteFacebook, Google Docs, and other methods. Livescribe sells notebooks in several styles, and users can also print their own dot paper with a laser printer capable of at least dpi.

Retrieved December 15, Apple’s release of Snow Leopard caused functionality and compatibility issues with Livescribe’s driver installation. Some users have ligescribe that ambient noise can be a problem. Anyone with Adobe Reader X or higher can view and play the audio with the audio control bar.

Viewing and Playing a Pencast PDF

Some users who received a replacement saw it plagued by the same problem. How do Livescribf smartpens capture handwriting? Livescribe paper can also be downloaded and printed for free here.

Archived copy as title All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from June Official website not in Wikidata. This allows users to replay portions of a recording by livesscribe on the notes they were taking at the time the recording was made.

How to access the audio file from a Livescribe 3 smartpen recording

Some users have expressed frustration with the perceived lack of responsiveness to requests for functionality improvements. Archived from the original pencxst March 5, Users have complained to Livescribe, and the company’s official response is to point users to tips on pen maintenance and then suggest that users buy a new pen at a deep discount as a replacement.


Many cellphone cameras can see the IR light emitted when the pen is on so using the camera to look at the front of the pen and depressing the ink cartridge is one way of determining the operating status. Retrieved August 5, In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Archived from the original on August 21, It is also possible to select which portion of a recording to replay by clicking on the relevant portion of a page on-screen, once it has been synced to the Livescribe Desktop software.

A Desktop SDK for Microsoft and Macintosh operating systems was also promised, to allow developers to access files stored on the pen. Unfortunately, there is no way to determine if the pen is actually recording audio without the OLED indications thus rendering useless one of its primary functions.

Livescribe developed a Penlet SDK to allow application development for the smartpen. In the invisible setting, green words seem to write themselves on blank paper as the audio plays. Now you can also send your notes and audio in a universal format—Pencast PDFs.

This page was last edited on 30 Octoberat We have partnered with TranscribeMe to provide audio transcription services to our customers. If tapped on the correct images, it can function as a calculator, for example, or can translate words the translator software as shipped includes only 21 words in a small selection of languages – as of September there are no public plans to make a full version of this translator available [2].

Sharing Audio Only Parent topic: The Livescribe paper-based computing platform consists of a digital pendigital papersoftware applications, and developer tools.


Livescribe Pencast Example

Pencast PDFs sent to your computer using the Computer Connector are updated automatically with new ink and audio that you add to your notebooks. Recorded audio is kept indexed with the handwritten text—tapping on a written word starts playback of the recorded audio from that part of the recording. It does not have support on Windows or Windows Phone.

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Livescribe – Wikipedia

Retrieved December 25, However, the company has taken advantage of ongoing improvements in OLED technology and, as of January 1,now offers a 3-year warranty on new smartpens including the discounted replacements. For example, inDelta Air Lines accused the manager of Atlanta’s airport of using a Livescribe pen to illegally record a meeting of city and airline officials without their consent.

Retrieved 8 April Pencasts allow you to hear, see and relive notes exactly as they were captured.

The control bar also has jump controls, bookmarks starsand an audio timeline control. Click active ink to play its audio.

Livescribe smartpens contain a camera at the tip of the pen. Livescribe offers Livescribe-branded ink refills for all our smartpens. Central to the Livescribe platform is the smartpen, a ballpoint pen with ligescribe embedded computer and digital audio recorder.

Livescribe’s special paper ljvescribe allows the recording of notes uses a patented dot-positioning system licensed from Anoto. In JulyLivescribe announced the closure of its third-party developer program. The Livescribe 3 currently has support on iOS and Android.