APQP Advanced Product Quality Planning In Consonance with the AIAG¶s (QS- ) APQP Manual Files Included In This Package The Red. in compliance with AIAG reference manual. It is a VOLVO requirement (incl. RTS, PAA, PHR) as specified in SQAM Pre-requisite: supplier is trained to APQP. GM APQP Kick Off and SRV Workbook-GM – Download as Excel Spreadsheet .xls /.xlsx), PDF File Bopp-Busch Quality Manual.

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APQP – [DOCX Document]

Go to each presentation slide which contains an animation and delete the animation. Receiving has only Control Plans 3.

In this presentation we will first be looking at the base requirements – mainly inputs and outputs to and from Phases of the APQP process. This flow chart should identify the product characteristics associated with each operation. Impact of Flow Diagram being incorporated into the Control Plan, if any.

Tier 1 suppliers are typically required to follow APQP procedures and techniques and are also typically required to be audited and registered to IATF More difficult to identify critical processes. Limited to highlighting Critical characteristics on Production part drawings, tools and fixture, and tooling aid procedures where ongoing process control is not automatically mandated.

This article has multiple issues. I dont have Netscape for the PeeCee so I cant check that, but on my Mac I cannot get the Netscape browser to play the file even though the plug-in is installed – so I doubt it will play with Netscape on the PeeCee.

Advanced product quality planning is a process developed in the late s by a commission of experts who gathered around the ‘Big Three’ of the US automobile industry: Characteristics that are important to the customer and that must be included on the Control Plan. They are Courtesy of The Red Road http: Browse to and click on the appropriate.

  SIL1161 PDF

Advanced product quality planning – Wikipedia

Allows identification of “Critical Processes”. The animation will now play continuous looping in the SlideShow Mode. E Parts do not meet specs and vehicles with class E parts require retrofit to make them saleable. Receiving has only Control Plans. They cover such aspects as: Those product, process, and test requirements that are important to customer satisfaction and for which quality planning actions shall be included in the Control Plan. Releasing the mouse on the From File menu line item will bring up a file browser.

You can see the first frame, but thats it.

Rejected Corrected submission required before production quantities may be shipped. Only the major processes are required on the control plan.

Beware of Turf Wars! Design feasibility Can be manufactured, assembled, tested and packaged Can be delivered in the right quantities on schedule at acceptable cost Review design information check list in AIAG APQP Reference manual Appendix A-2 as part of feasibility inputs Open issues that require resolution with assigned responsibility and timing.

A process characteristic for which variation must be controlled to some target value to ensure that variation in a special product characteristic is maintained to its target value during manufacturing and assembly. On the PeeCee platform they do not. PFMEA and statistical data used to determine what zpqp controls necessary.

Semiconductor Supplement Quality Planning – 4. How are changes handled? Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Except for the Histogram animation, I have included a.

What limits are there on authority, responsibility, and accountability?

The trilogy documents must precisely link to your manjal documentation work instructions or however your company addresses this issue Document Links Document Links II One Document? B Parts from production tooling and require rework to meet specs. All are free downloads. Using Explorer on both my PeeCee and my Mac, clicking on the file in my browser opens and allows you to play the file. The controls on the files only work if you are viewing the Flash files!!!


Post on Nov views. So in effect, supplier’s control plans will include wafers, gases, and chemicals.

Advanced product quality planning

You will find that a number of times within this presentation I will be reinforcing the fact that there is as low probability that your companys systems and documentation will exactly reflect what is in the APQP and Control Plan manual text. Allows identification of Process Interaction Failure Modes. Specifications of a component, material, assembly or vehicle assembly operation which require special manufacturing control to assure compliance with Chrysler Corporation and government vehicle safety requirements.

These include characteristics identified by the shield, pentagon, and diamond. The controls on esoaol gif files do NOT work!!! Product and Process Validation Phase 4 Outputs Production trial run Measurement system evaluation complete Preliminary process capability study Production part approval Production mnaual testing Packaging evaluation Production control plan Quality planning sign-off and management support Process Instructions Work instructions for operating personnel Sources: Ford, GM and Chrysler.

Management Support Report project status to management Recommend continue or drop project depending on feasibility Cover open issues and concerns Management support as required Subcontractor Pilot Epsaol Supplier participated, if appropriate Sample quantity required Check that it is according to: C Parts not from production tooling, parts meet specs.

S During the advanced quality planning processes, the supplier shall include all processes from the incoming material through shipping and warehousing Failure Mode and Effects Analysis and Control Plan documents shall include these processes. Yes, there should be a block on the Control Plan to indicate a transfer. This methodology is now being used in other manufacturing maunal as well.

Control Plan content must contain as a minimum all customer and Company X critical characteristics. Who will receive reports?