Mysteries of the Moonsea™ Thomas M. Reid Sean K Reynolds Darrin for Characters of Levels 1—18 The Moonsea–a perilous frontier ruled by tyrants and . Documents Similar To Mysteries of the Moonsea. Skip carousel. carousel previouscarousel next. Forgotten Realms – D&D – Anaruoch (OCR). uploaded by. Product Blurb: The first in-depth look at this classic Forgotten Realms region in many years. Mysteries of the Moonsea offers an in-depth look at one of the most.

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Ruins in Cormanthor by Robert Lazzaretti. The Sage Procrastinator Most High.

Erik Scott de Bie ‘Tis mysterie to destroy than to create. Leon rated it it was ok Jan 13, If you are looking for something ready to run, the idea you can just cut the stats out of the book isn’t good nor is the accompanying idea that the dm should just make the stats himself.

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Candlekeep Forum – Mysteries of the Moonsea- did anyone ever use it?

To ask other readers questions about Mysteries of the Moonseaplease sign up. Edited by – The Sage on 27 Dec In my opinion, this is exactly the sort of campaign sourcebook that I want. Mysteries of the moonsea of the Moonsea offers an in-depth look at one of the most important regions of the Forgotten Realms.


What a shame we never saw the Phlan web-enhancement. Retrieved from ” https: It tells you a lot about the Moonsea region and gives a DM plenty of ways to get play going right in mysteries of the moonsea middle of it all.

Mysteries of the Moonsea

Dark Sun Dark Sun: They went from Abarat’s Folly via portal right into the Temple of Bane page This book shows how a campaign area with multiple story arcs should really be set-up. Black Thursday, 26th July, Having said that, I’ve never actually used the adventure material mysteries of the moonsea within. Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: At most, I think MotM represents an attempt by Wizards to experiment catering to both of the main groups of Realms fans — those who are interested, specifically, in rules and support material for running their games, and those, like myself, who prefer vast sections of detailed Realmslore over rules-based information.

I would love in WotC would publish addendums to add new crunchy bits, and keep the mysteries of the moonsea information just like this sourcebook.

Friday, 7th July, Books by Thomas M.

Mysteries of the Moonsea | Forgotten Realms Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

I did steal some of the Hillsfar lore for my last in-person game. Undercity Sewer by Kyle Hunter. This Month’s Dragon Magazine.

Edited by – Wooly Rupert on 16 Oct He performed at Switzerland’s Montreux Jazz Festival with his high school jazz band. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Mysteries of the Moonsea is an accessory for the Forgotten Realms which details the Moonsea region, a perilous frontier ruled by tyrants and threatened by monsters, with cities consumed by decadence and war and where conspiracies abound. If you are buying a book for a mysteries of the moonsea the stats add to its completeness.

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Mysteries of the Moonsea (Forgotten Realms Supplement)

Mysteries of the moonsea Shrine by Robert Lazzaretti. Shattered Lands Dark Sun: Beholder Drow mooonsea elf Githyanki Illithid mind flayer Lich. It is just a long way from where I’m running my mysteries of the moonsea FR game; the dalelands, moonseas, the vast, cormyr, thay and a slight bit in the western heartlands and Mulhorandi; and will be a long way from where I’m running my myeteries FR game; the western heartlands, waterdeep, the sword coast, the sword coast north, the islands, the lands of intrigue and the underdark.

Jack Dalphin rated it really liked it Aug 11, I wasn’t overly enthused about the adventures, but the lore was good. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission.

Mysteries of the Moonsea Map Gallery. Plight of the New RPG: Reidand published in June