Compiler Design. Front Cover. O. G. Kakde. Laxmi Publications Pvt Limited, Jan 1, – Computer design – pages. A compiler translates a high-level language program into a functionally equivalent low-level language program that can be understood and executed by the. Compiler Design, 4/E [Dr. O. G. Kakde] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Given a parse derivation tree, a string whose derivation is represented by the given tree is one obtained by concatenating the labels of the leaf nodes of the parse tree in a left-to-right order. Therefore, if we modify the closure and the goto functions to work suitably with the LR 1 items, by allowing them to compute the lookaheads, we can obtain the canonical collection of sets of LR 1.

The backtracking problems in the top-down parser can be solved; that is, a top-down parser can function as a deterministic recognizer if it compilee capable of predicting or detecting which alternatives are right choices for the expansion of nonterminals that derive to more than one alternative during the parsing of input string w.

If left-recursive grammar is used for specification of the language, then the top-down parser specified by the grammar’s language may enter into an infinite loop during the parsing process on some erroneous input.

Consider the following grammar: When inherited attributes are used, then the interdependencies among the attributes at the nodes of the parse tree must be taken into account y evaluating their semantic rules, and these interdependencies among attributes are depicted by a directed graph called a “dependency graph”.

It includes some exercises for practice.

Using subset construction, a DFA equivalent is derived from the transition diagram in Figure 5. Therefore, unless they are computed, the synthesized attribute of a nonterminal on the left cannot be computed.


These data structures are described below. If x is written as wa, where a is the last symbol of x, and w is a string made of the remaining symbols of x then: For example consider the bottom-up parser for the grammar xompiler the productions: Synthesized Attributes An attribute is said to be synthesized if its value at a parse tree node is determined by the attribute values at the child nodes.

Comprehensive Compiler Design

Next, we obtain the canonical collection of sets of LR 0 items, as follows: The parser p one more step. For example, the set A is defined by: Therefore the parsing table is as shown in Table 4.

A transition diagram of the finite automata that accepts the set of all strings of zeros and ones that contains even numbers of zeros and odd numbers of ones is shown in Figure 2.

Therefore, the grammar and the set of semantic rules constitute syntax-directed definitions. Before any code for Then, pointers for states with the same actions will point to the same location, as shown in Figure 5. Therefore, an equivalent left linear grammar can be obtained by reversing the right side of the productions of the given grammar: Syntax analysis imposes a structure hierarchy on the token string.

Note that a tree is a derivation tree if it satisfies the following requirements: So, an LR 1 item is comprised of two parts: Finite Automata and Regular Expressions 2. This requires that the compiler keep track of the type int, as well as the pointers to the symbol records containing a, b, and c. The transition diagram of the DFA for the augmented grammar is shown in Figure 5. Now, let X be a nullable nonterminal that derives to at least two terminal strings.

Tip The substring should occur in the position and sentential form that is currently under consideration and, if it is replaced by the left-side nonterminal of the production, that it leads to the generation of the previous right-hand sentential form of the h considered sentential form. Reversing the right side of the productions yields: The advantage of a top-down parser is that semantic actions can be called in the middle of the productions. And since reduction depends on the lookaheads, even if there is no R-R conflict in the states of the CLR parser, a conflict may become generated in the state of the LALR parser as a result of this state combination.

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This means that selecting a substring that matches the right side of production is not enough; the position of this substring in the sentential form is also important. And for this, the parser either desiggn to derive kakfe string of tokens w from the start symbol S, or it attempts to reduce w to the start symbol of the grammar by deeign the derivations of w in reverse.

Algorithms for Compiler Design

For example, in the grammar above, abba. Therefore, the transition diagram for the described finite automata will resemble Figure 2.

Since state D is an unreachable state, eliminate it first. Transition diagram for the canonical collection of sets of LR 0 items in Example 5. The parser expands the next leaf labeled S.

Certain tokens are augmented by the lexical value; that is, when an identifier like xyz compilre found, the lexical analyzer not only returns id, but it also enters the lexeme xyz into the symbol table if it does not already exist there.