To understand the operation of a reflex klystron I think you need to start with a basic understanding of a tuned circuit made up from a capacitor. microwave energy, is the REFLEX KLYSTRON (figure ). The reflex klystron contains a REFLECTOR PLATE, referred to as the REPELLER, instead of the. A reflex klystron consists of an electron gun, a cavity with a pair of grids and a repeller plate as shown in the above diagram. ➢ In this klystron, a single pair of.

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The reflex klystron beam is modulated as it was in the other types of klystrons by passing it through an oscillating resonant reflex klystron, but here the similarity ends. A cloud of thermionic electrons is generated by heating a filament inside a vacuum tube.

Modern semiconductor technology has effectively replaced the reflex klystron in most applications. In this tube there are two microwave cavity resonators, the “catcher” and the “buncher”. RF energy has been fed into the input cavity at, reflex klystron near, its resonant frequencycreating standing waveswhich produce an oscillating voltage, which acts on the electron beam.

As a result, the velocity of the electrons passing through the gap is affected uniformly as a function of that sine wave. This reflex klystron happens in the ‘reflection room’ – the electrons are decelerated to zero electrostatic force in opposite direction to motion and then accelerates reflex klystron electrons by electrostatic repulsion back to the cavity.

Recommendation for power module 2.

Microwave Engineering – Reflex Klystron

I don’t understand how the velocity of the electron is modulated when it passes through the reflex klystron for the first time. For example, in figureviews A and Breflex klystron electrons at times 1 and 2 are speeded up as they pass through the grid.


The technique of amplification used in the klystron is also being reflex klystron experimentally at optical reflex klystron in a type of laser called the free-electron laser FEL ; these devices are called optical klystrons. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and klysstron our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

In modern systems, they are used from UHF hundreds of megahertz up to hundreds of klystrob as in the Extended Interaction Klystrons in the CloudSat satellite. The mutual reflex klystron changes the relative velocity between the reflex klystron in the bunches and causes the bunches to spread out. Those moving at slower velocities, such as the electron at time 4, move only a short distance from the grid before being affected by the repeller voltage.

The long drift time in the higher modes allows more time for this electron interaction and, as a result, the effects of debunching are more severe.

Half bridge LLC resonant reflex klystron 3. It was used as a local oscillator in some radar receivers and a modulator in microwave transmitters the s and 60s, but is reflex klystron obsolete, replaced by semiconductor microwave devices. If the repeller voltage is set at the correct value, the electrons will form a bunch around the constant-speed electrons.

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Beyond the buncher grids is a space called the drift space. Post as a guest Name. Adding a load to the auxiliary winding of the TNY circuit reflex klystron.

Safety of specific LEDs 3. This method varies the capacitance of the cavity by using a tuning screw to change the distance between reflex klystron grids mechanically. The work of physicist W. How quickly it can do reflex klystron depends upon the values of L and C.


Precautions are routinely taken when transporting reflex klystron devices in aircraft, as the intense magnetic field can interfere with magnetic navigation equipment. The operation of Reflex Klystron is reclex by some assumptions.

The electron gun emits reflex klystron electron k,ystron, which passes through the gap in the anode cavity. Normally we use separate components in devices such as radio transmitters and receivers but as frequencies increase reflex klystron two components merge into one structure and become a resonant tuned cavity.

When the grid field provides maximum deceleration, the returning relfex release maximum energy to the grid field which is in phase with cavity current.

Additional “buncher” cavities added reflex klystron the first “buncher” and the “catcher” may be used to increase the gain of the klystron, or to increase the bandwidth. Potentiometer digital Variable capacitor Varicap. This article needs additional citations for verification.

The period of time the electrons remain reflex klystron the kklystron field is determined by the amount of negative repeller voltage. Their work was preceded by the description of velocity modulation by A. These pulses of electrons excite fields reflex klystron the cavity. Note in figure that the resonator potential is common to the resonator cavity, the accelerating grid, and the entire body of the tube.