Seterus Package **** LBPS 3rd Party Authorization Form FAX# Imaging Department. NEW number: Short. Bank of America Short Sale Application Package – 1st Mortgage .. Link to Short Sale Package: ; Address: PO Box. Seterus lender information. Seterus quotes 45 days to complete a short sale. Manually fax the short sale package, wait for documents to be uploaded (

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Receive an approval in under days by providing them what they need within 48 hours, same-day if possible. Less than two weeks later, we had the new approval letter in hand, and were ready to close the sale!

All Groups My Groups. But we worked with him, making sure that he understood what he needed to provide, and helped him come up with everything that Seterus would require to review the file. I was told they cannot retrieve anything that is uploaded different dept and to fax everything in to the imaging above. Compared to other lenders, escalations will likely not be necessary; however, Seterus allows escalation requests if no response has been received in 72 hours:.

The only hiccup was a small delay between Seterus’ required actions and those being recognized by Fannie before they generated their letter stating certain docs were missing when in fact Seterus did just send up. Use this guide to decipher the language your lienholder used in the deficiency waiver, and find out if you owe any money or not. The process was quick and clean. I just got this message from the Negotiator I work with at Seterus.

Request to speak to a supervisor Wait 72 hours per Seterus guidelines If no response within 72 hours, call back and state that you have received no response Make another escalation request Follow-up in 48 hours and request to speak to someone immediately.


I contacted Seterus directly for the proper uploads to their loss mitigation and never had a problem, since most numbers given on each group on this site, are old and no longer in existence or have been changed, including the people to contact, etc Request their address at the outset to avoid delays. Collect additional documents, request document corrections, order appraisal, complete the file Negotiators: It took us just over a week for us to get another buyer lined up: Once we understand your unique circumstances and your individual needs, our team of attorneys and financial professionals will help you find the best and quickest solution to your personal debt problems.

Skip the Processing phase: Submit Your Request For Assistance. Started by Nadia Scheffers. For example, we may be able to modify the terms of your loan, potentially reducing your interest rate and thus your payment amount. We had worked on with all parties for five weeks, to negotiate the fine points of the deal, such as the final sales price and how much was to be allowed for closing costs.

And the day that the lender approved the sale, our buyer walked!

This setrus impossible as error messages were received from both Seterus and Clarifire. A hardship may be short term less than six months or long term more than six months. Seterus short sale Started by Nadia Scheffers. By contacting us and providing some basic information, we are able to help determine what options may be available for you.

Through the site, you will be able to do the following: Communicate primarily through secure email: As we review your request, we may find that additional supporting documentation is needed.


Can anyone tell me if Seterus use Equator?

Seterus (LBPS)

Respond packagee the offer, respond to investor fee caps, determine relocation incentive eligibility, request investor-specific requirements, determine cash contribution requirements. Seterus Short Sale Telephone: Once your application for assistance is complete, we will conduct a thorough review of your information packaye make a decision as to whether we can offer you assistance.

Published on May 29,updated on August 22, Seterus negotiates in three structured phases: I am currently working a Seterus s.

Initiate the value dispute on Homepath. Several debilitating health conditions meant that he was no longer able to work.

Sign Up or Sign In. Seterus, unlike other lenders, will respond at the same pace the parties respond. If needed, a local representative acting on our shorh may contact you to schedule a time to enter the property to perform the evaluation.

Homeowner Assistance

Lenders require a lot of information to be submitted before they will even look at a short sale request. I just received a lead and wonder how tedius the process is going to be. I spoke to them yesterday and they directed to me to their website – but for someā€¦ Continue. Pull together information on your mortgage, income, and expenses, and complete the following initial documentation.

At Ark Law Group, we know that being in debt is about so much more than just numbers. To upload your documents to the Document Center, click here.

There may be multiple assistance options available to you if you are having difficulty paying your mortgage.