Star Ocean: The Second Story Shrine – Your source for info on this PlayStation classic. A big thanks to Ian Kelley for strategies and tips for this walkthrough. 4 Feb Star Ocean: The Second Story – Walkthrough/FAQ. Star Ocean: The Second Story FAQ Sony PlayStation North American Version Version Welcome to Guides, a special navigation page to direct you to walkthroughs and guides on Star Ocean 2. New players may wish to consult the walkthrough and.

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The ability to endure the force of physical energy and deadly and powerful plows.

You control one character at a time, while the other characters are controlled through artificial intelligence and tactics. The learner of this Skill can sometimes press the Circle button right as he or she is getting hit by the enemy to counterattack immediately.

He says that if you can find a star ocean the second story walkthrough herb for him in the Sanctuary of Linga he will bring you to Keith. Rena is informed near the beginning of the game that her foster mother, Westa, was not really her real mother. The party is now fairly angry for being knocked down. The top option lets you choose battle tactics for each individual character. I highly suggest you pick option 1. Bowman is an easy-going guy, and doesn’t get angry very often.


Walkthroughs, FAQs, and Guides

Treasure Hunting, Attack magic Likes: Writing FAQs like this take a lot of time to do, and take a lot of my free time. They will tell you that a two-headed dragon has appeared in the Salva Mines. Star ocean the second story walkthrough you leave, the king gives you 10, Fol. Bowman now asks the party to stay at his house that night. Firebird Shock Wave MP: When you get inside the castle, you will find many of the town’s people taking refuge here.

The Second Story, all of the mini games are improved and there is a lot more to do in the game. Rena is going to be your main healer for the game. A series of pummeling punches.

Star Ocean: The Second Story FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PlayStation – GameFAQs

Claude believes that this planet is fairly a non-technological planet, because of all of his surroundings. When you kill the Harfainxes, Leon is nowhere to be found. The king takes Leon’s wishes into account, and says that he will grant the party passage to El continent if you help accompany Leon in getting a special star ocean the second story walkthrough needed for a mission. Leon studies many topics, especially magic machinery, and always boasts about how he always comes through with his work.

If you need to use your healing items, do so now. Starts with it Earth Grave Numerous pieces of sharp earth shoot out of the ground and hit all enemies facing the spell-caster.


A sense of appreciation in art or star ocean the second story walkthrough things, and being creative in natural criticism.

Level 58 Final Change: The Pylesherry enemies cast Walkhtrough Suck, so you’ll want to rush up to attack them at the very beginning of the fights. Keep going through the dungeon until you find the Silver Cup.

Using range weapons, repairing things, piloting Likes: Now, head out of the castle. First of all, you have to have seven or less members in your current party while visiting Central City.

Star Ocean: The Second Story – Walkthrough/FAQ

If you brought back the Dillwhip, Bowman is very surprised because you are very strong to have found it in the cave star ocean the second story walkthrough the monsters. Claude wonders which side Rena is on, and Rena wonders why Claude would say such things about her. His last two Killer Move are also two of the best.