7 Jun METODE TAFSIR TAHLILI DAN MAUDHU’I. hemlan elhany. DOI: /ath_thariq.v2i Metode Tafsir Tahlili: Cara Menjelaskan al-Qur’an dari Berbagai Segi Berdasarkan Susunan Ayat-ayatnya. The PDF file you selected should load here if your Web browser has a PDF reader plug-in installed (for example, a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader).

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Isikan data di bawah atau klik salah satu ikon untuk tahllli in: The scholars are only trying to explain the content of the Qur’an according to the level of their ability. Ijmali method is the method of interpretation by understanding the Qur’an based on trees thoughts contained in a verse or paragraph or even a single letter of the Qur’an.

The method of interpretation is a series of interpretive tahlilo, both interlinked and conducted by scholars when they interpret the Qur’an. Most read articles by the same author s Obs.: The method of tafsir maudhu’I, is an explanation of things; which deals with one of several themes of life of thought, social, culture, justice, nature, and others from the perspective of the Qur’an.

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Therefore it is said that: There are several methods that can be reached and ordinary clergy in interpreting the Qur’an. A tahili of interpretation of the Qur’an is the way and the practice of interpretation used by scholars to describe the content of the Qur’an. Specialties commentary on this kemudahannya so tafsr there can be consumed by the layers and levels of Muslims equally.

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Vol 2 No 1 Approach to rational interpretation explains that prefer the rational meaning God of the textual meaning that corroborated with a logical argument-the argument as a result of linguistic analysis. This kind of approach was more in use by scholars of kalam. Understanding of the approach tasir method of the interpretation.

The approach to the interpretation of the Qur’an is one that deals with how the Quran was approached so that the results can match its interpretation with the purpose of the revelation of the Qur’an.

Course Curriculum and Syllabus

To explore and uncover the contents of the Qur’an, it is necessary to understand and uncover the contents and the principles it contains. The Qur’an contains information about past, present and future events, worldly. Tinggalkan Balasan Batalkan balasan Ketikkan komentar di sini In outline, the four different methods: Tahlili method is a method of interpretation by conducting analysis in detail against the vocabulary of the Qur’an in various aspects following the order of the verses in favor of verses in the Glorious Qur’an.

Approach to ilmi scientific berkenaa with the interpretation of the Qur’an deals with natural phenomena and scientific study of objects supported by evidence of the results of studies or scientific research. Mawdhui method is the method of interpretation by way of summons divisible the vocabulary or the text in a specific theme, then classified and sought relationships with each other and then concluded.


Tafsir use this method with the comparison between the verse paragraph, or paragraph with the hadith, or the opinions of the ulama tafsir with weight differences of objects that be that.

The interpretation method of tahlili, the mufasirnya tried to explain the contents of the Qur’anic verse from various points, and pay attention to the sequence of the verses of the Qur’an, starting with the letter Al-Fatihah, Al-Baqarah, Ali Imran, and so on. Approach ijtimah socio-cultural confirms that the interpretation of the Qur’an customer driven on social reality of Muslims in particular and society in General so that interpretation can be used as a reference in solving social set of problems conceptual.


Untuk mengetahui lebih lanjut, termasuk cara mengontrol cookie, lihat di sini: Diposting oleh Annisa Azhari di In addition, the Qur’an contains the laws governing human relationships with Allah SWT, among human beings with their natural environment. Term approach indicates that the contents of the Qur’an in fact only God knows. The method is a method of interpretation muqaran by way of comparing the various interpretations that existed since the time of the companions, tabi’in to scholars next mufassirin.

The tahlili interpretation method is the method of interpretation of verses Al-qur’an by describing the description of eating in the verses of al-qur’an and conducting analysis. Surel wajib Alamat takkan pernah dipublikasikan. Rumah Jurnal, Munaqosyah Building, 2nd Floor. Beri tahu saya komentar baru melalui email. While kelemahannya have on the explanation that is too brief, so can not become the meaning of paragraph a broad and can not solve the problem completely.

There are several approaches that can be used and scholars in interpreting the Qur’an: You are commenting using your Facebook account. Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. That ability and understanding is necessary in the interpretation of the verses of the Qur’an. Approach suggests that the symbolic interpretation of the inner meaning of prefer on textual meaning.